Apple OS X can create encrypted AES 128/256 DMG volumes. Here is written about a men who was able to hack it. And also that DMGs use PBKDF2-HMAC-SHA-1. I couldn't find more information about encrypted DMGs. So does that mean that apples encrypted DMGs could be hacked?


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I would have posted this as a comment if I could: Please re-read the entire article that you have linked to. All that was done was a brute force attack.

The reason brute force was possible was because the missing password was narrowed down to "about 22472" different possibilities. And that 22000 was tried by a computer dedicated to doing such calculations.

This shows nothing about the security of the encryption scheme, only that when you know almost all of a password and have the means to try all possibilities efficiently, you can brute force it successfully.


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