Are there any practical implementations and or software platforms to prototype applications based on MPC ?


There is the Might Be Evil framework and FairplayMP. The hcrypt project also has a secure function evaluation library.


Also, VIFF and SCAPI (though as of writing this, the SCAPI framework is not fully released).

March 2016:

I just came across FRESCO.

  1. SEPIA http://www.sepia.ee.ethz.ch/
  2. FairPlay, FairPlayMP http://www.cs.huji.ac.il/project/Fairplay/
  3. FastGC https://github.com/yhuang912/FastGC
  4. FlexSC https://github.com/wangxiao1254/FlexSC
  5. SecureC from ShareMind (request them for software based on your needs) VIFF http://viff.dk/

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