I have implemeneted the code for cryptanalysis of LFSR stream cipher . But I have a problem with generation of dataset i.e to get valid pairs using LFSR stream cipher. In the stinson book it is mentioned that if coefficients $$(c0,c1,\dots,cm-1)$$ are chosen in suitable way and if non-zero $$k=(k1,\dots,km)$$ is chosen then we will get a periodic stream cipher with period $2^{m-1}$.

What should be the values of $$c0,c1,\dots,cm-1$$ that I should choose?


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Firstly using an LFSR output as a keystream generator is insecure, due to the Berlekamp-Massey attack which only needs $2m$ bits of known or guessed plaintext to break the stream with period $2^m-1.$

The coefficients you are asking about, must define a polynomial $$c(x)=c_0+c_1 x +c_{m-1} x^{m-1}+x^m$$ with $c_0=1,$ and $c(x)$ must be primitive. See Wikipedia here.

  • $\begingroup$ I am actually implementing the Berlekamp-Massey attack .. for that I needed a dataset to check my code i.e I need valid (input,output) streams . So I am running some LFSR's to encrypt some PT's . Thanks for the answer anyways $\endgroup$ Commented Nov 14, 2016 at 4:22

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