I've been trying this problem:

Use the prototype function to hash message bit string into a length 16 message digest. Append (at the right end) the shortest nonce to the string (the spaces are just for easier reading)

1110 1011 0001 1011 0001 1100 1110 0111 1101 01

that will produce a message digest that begins with five 0 bits at the left end. The nonce is to be appended before the message string is padded

I believe there is a typo that is append to the "right end" I think it should be left end.

What I been trying was pad the message with 10 zeroes to get

1110 1011 0001 1011 0001 1100 1110 0111 1101 0100 0000 0000

then I split this into the following matrix:

[1110 1011 0001 1011]
[0001 1100 1110 0111]
[1101 0100 0000 0000]

but I'm not sure what the "nonce" is supposed to come into this.

Any suggestions what I might be missing or doing wrong?


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