I'm signing mails with the RSASSA-PSS (p1v2.1) certificate. When I click Details, it shows "Signature Algorithm: RSASSA-PSS". openssl x509 -text shows

    Signature Algorithm: rsassaPss
     Hash Algorithm: sha256
     Mask Algorithm: mgf1 with sha256

certutil -dump shows:

1.2.840.113549.1.1.10 RSASSA-PSS

Now, whem I send my signed emails and click on Details in outlook, it shows "Signature Algorithm: RSA (2048)"

I'm using bouncycastle for signing and when I use "SHA256WithRSAEncryption" it works fine, but when I'm using "SHA256WithRSAAndMGF1" Signature, Outlook tells me "The digital signature on this item is Invalid or Not Trusted." and when I click details, I see "Signature Algorithm: RSA (2048)". Is p#1v2.1 still not supported by outlook/microsoft or am I just crazy?


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