I am using BouncyCastles Java API and want to use McEliece encryption. After browsing through various paper for finding good parameters (e.g. How to choose McEliece's parameters?) I am now having the problem, that I do not see a possibility to set these parameters with the BouncyCastle API.

In all papers, the parameter set is a 3-tuple: (n, k, t). But with BouncyCastle, I can only specify the 3-tuple (m, t, poly) for keypair generation.

How do they correspond to the (n, k, t) parameter set?


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The parameters are specified in the parameters object. You give them normally in the constructor: new McElieceCCA2Parameters(m, t, poly). I am however not sure how they map to the canonical parameters of the crypto system.

Javadoc: http://bouncycastle.org/docs/docs1.5on/org/bouncycastle/pqc/crypto/mceliece/McElieceCCA2Parameters.html

  • $\begingroup$ I know that I can specify these parameters, but how do they correspond to (n, k, t)? And which level of security do the default values provide? Is there a way to define (m, t, poly) so that (n, k, t) = (6624,5129,118)? $\endgroup$ – Ph3n1x Apr 30 '17 at 17:04

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