The brutal ciphertext is given. The text volume is more than 6000 characters. It is known that the text is encrypted with a 7x7 matrix. Unknown key and plaintext. Is it possible to crack this code? Russian alphabet. The vector is recalculated modulo 32 (not 26).

  1. The search of all matrices on a computer is not possible! It will take some years :)
  2. There was an idea to divide the text into groups of 7 characters. Next, compare the same tokens in the same positions…

    • Total it turned out 3 groups with the same substring.
    • There were 2 substrings of length 4.
    • Several pairs of substrings of length 3.
    • Some of them occur 3 times.

Can this somehow help solve the system to find the key or the source code?

  • $\begingroup$ can you express more about the key (matrix). what is the range for the indices? $\endgroup$ – kelalaka Oct 2 '18 at 21:01

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