My application is .NET based. I have signed xml from third-party environment (Java based).
Its signature value base64 string contains carriage return #xd;.


According to
Canonical XML Version 1.1: Line breaks normalized to #xA on input, before parsing
Extensible Markup Language (XML) 1.0: End-of-Line Handling I should remove carriage returns from XML before making any actions with its nodes.

I need to calculate SignatureValue element hash in order to add\verify Signature timestamp. I can`t find any information how to handle carriage returns in XAdES elements values.

If I decide to remove carriage return from base64 before calculating element hash, third-party application can leave it and calculate hash with carriage return in order to verify my hash and vice versa .
In these cases hashes won`t match.

I also need some levers how to stand my position in such confrontation with third party system.



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