While trying to implement SPDZ of a function (using the fresco framework[1]), it enforce me to work on a larger field than the one that I need. This occur because I'm trying to use functions such as "COMPARISON" and "TOBITS", which enforce me to add padding of 60 bits, in the FRESCO implementation.

How can I do it?

-How large the larger field should be?

-Is the computation still be correct?

[1]- https://github.com/aicis/fresco

  • Could you write the field you want to work and the reason for this field? Also, what is the response? Without this it is a bit black-box – kelalaka Oct 11 at 12:33
  • You may find this post on the SPDZ mailing list interesting. Basically it sounds like older implementations only supported larger fields, but that support would be coming. How long before that then gets ported into fresco, I don't know. – mikeazo Oct 11 at 12:44
  • I'm trying to implement elliptic curve multiplication over Edward curve Ed25519, where the points are taken from $F_{2^{255}-19}$. – user1387682 Oct 11 at 14:00

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