I have some misunderstanding about EdDSA conversion coordinates between Montgomery curve and twisted Edwards curve. In https://www.rfc-editor.org/rfc/rfc7748 I see that a base point for Curve25519 is

Montgomery curve:

U(P)  9
V(P)  14781619447589544791020593568409986887264606134616475288964881837755586237401

Twisted Edwards curve:

X(P)  15112221349535400772501151409588531511454012693041857206046113283949847762202
Y(P)  46316835694926478169428394003475163141307993866256225615783033603165251855960

and then I see

The birational maps are:

$(u, v) = \frac{1+y}{1-y}, \sqrt{-486664}*\frac{u}{x}$

$(x, y) = \sqrt{-486664}*\frac{u}{v}, \frac{u-1}{u+1}$

But if we try convert $(x,y)$ to $(u,v)$ or $(u,v)$ to $(x,y)$ by using these formulas, we will not get correct answers. For example convert y-coordinate to u-coordinate:


result will not be equal to


How can I convert coordinates between Montgomery curve and twisted Edwards curve correctly?


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The formulas actually work. You just have to keep in mind to make computation in the field of intergers modulo $2^{255}-19$ and that there are actually two square roots, you need to use the right one if you want to have the expected result.

You can test the following SAGE code

X_P = gf(15112221349535400772501151409588531511454012693041857206046113283949847762202)
Y_P = gf(46316835694926478169428394003475163141307993866256225615783033603165251855960)
u = (1+Y_P)/(1-Y_P) 
v = gf(-486664).sqrt()*u/X_P,-(gf(-486664).sqrt())*u/X_P
print u
print v

on the Sage Cell server.


You operations have to be modulo $p$ where $p=2^{255}-19$ because you are working in $\mathbb{F}_p$.


Note you're doing direct division instead of modular inverse.

Since there is no division in elliptic curve arithmetic, you need to do mod inverse. pow function could be used as a helper here; it takes third argument as modulus:

>>> P = 2 ** 255 - 19
>>> X = 15112221349535400772501151409588531511454012693041857206046113283949847762202
>>> Y = 46316835694926478169428394003475163141307993866256225615783033603165251855960
>>> mod_inverse = lambda x: pow(x, P - 2, P)
>>> # we are replacing `/ 1 - Y` with `* inverse(1 - Y)`
>>> ((1 + Y) * mod_inverse(1 - Y)) % P

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