Like to know the difference between Zero Knowledge Range Proof (ZKRP), Zero Knowledge Set Membership (ZKSM) protocols and ZKP?

Nathan Aw

  • $\begingroup$ ZKRP and ZKSM are zero-knowledge proofs for specific statements. In a zero-knowledge range proof, for example, the prover generates a proof for an assertion like $v\in [0, 2^n]$ for some secret value $v$. $\endgroup$ – iwriteonbananas Nov 16 '18 at 18:24
  • $\begingroup$ thanks! how are these assertions generated? $\endgroup$ – Nathan Aw Nov 16 '18 at 18:25
  • $\begingroup$ The proof generation is highly non-trivial. For details you can see, e.g., the Bulletproofs paper. $\endgroup$ – iwriteonbananas Nov 16 '18 at 18:30

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