I am studying RSA couldn't understand this question:

Alice encrypts the private factors of the modulus using her private key. In order to increase security, she multiplies them with a random integer $k$ she performs the following operations

$$cp = (k \cdot p)^e \bmod n \text{ and } cq = (k\cdot q)^e \bmod n,$$

n = 
e = 65537

Why this is not secure as anyone who obtains $cp$ or $cq$ can factor n.

Factor $n$ assuming

cp = 
  • source of the question? – kelalaka Nov 24 at 12:33
  • from my homework – doggodonger Nov 24 at 12:43

I will give the hint:

It is a simple Mathematics rule, given $cp, e$, and $n$ we have this relation:

$(k \cdot p)^e \equiv cp \bmod n$, then we can write this modular relation as;

$k^e \cdot p^e = cp + l\cdot n$, for some $l \in \mathbb{Z}$

$p$ divides $n$ that we already know, and from the equality, $p$ also divides the $np$

Rest left to the op.

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