The plaintext SECRETIVE is encrypted using One Time Pad with key DDDDDDDDD. Which of the following is TRUE?

  1. The ciphertext will be the same as using Caesar cipher with key of 4
  2. The ciphertext is the same as the plaintext.
  3. The ciphertext has 3 alphabet ‘I’.
  4. The ciphertext will have 6 different unique alphabets.

This is a question from my assigment. Please explain how you got your answer thanks :)

  1. TRUE. The encryption moves every sign 4 places further.

  2. FALSE. The text will changed.

  3. TRUE. The 3 Es of SECRETIVE change into Is.

  4. It depends on what that question actually means. There will be 6 letters that are only one there. The 7. letter, the I (resulting from the 3Es) will be three times there, so I guess the answer is true. This could be a more tricky question, but I doubt it because of the level the other questions have.


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