Lets say hypothetically all one knew was a value of $e$ and a value of $p$.

As an example, lets assume that $e = 13$ and $p = 67$.

Would it be possible to find the value of $q$ from this equation?

$\gcd(13, (66)(q-1)) = 1$

If so, how would I begin solving this?

The question is a bit strange.

Do you mean $n$ is unknown? Then there are infinitely many $q$ which will work. Since 13 and 66 are relatively prime, by @SEJPM's comment, all $q$ which are of the form $$ q_k \neq 13k+1, $$ are possible solutions. Depending on what $n$ you want you can take $k$ large enough. But in the RSA context $n$ must be public.

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