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Suppose a Hardware Security Module (HSM) has a master key KM (56-bit) in its

secure memory. It also has a slave key KS (56-bit) protected by KM and the

encrypted data {KS}KM is stored outside the HSM.

The HSM has the following calling functions:


Combine_key_shares, and


The first two functions are used in the following way:

Host -> HSM: Generate_key_shares

HSM -> Host: {K1}KM, {K2}KM

Host -> HSM: Combine_key_shares with inputs {K1}KM, {K2}KM

HSM -> Host: {K1 ⊕ K2}KM

The encryption key K (56-bit) is defined as K = K1 ⊕ K2. There is no limit to

how many encryption keys can be generated. The following API is available to wrap

the second supplied key under the first.

Host -> HSM: Wrap_key with inputs {K}KM, {KS}KM

HSM -> Host: {KS}K

a) Describe how to exploit the API attacks to extract the slave key.

b) Describe how to exploit the API to extract the encryption key K.

c) Describe how you can break the master key KM and estimate the effort.


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