I try to implement in code the traditional burmester desmedt algorithm for group key agreement:

Burmester Desmedt Algoritmh

But I have the following question regarding the last step:

$K=k_{i-1}^{nx_i}K_i^{n-1}K_i+1^{n-2}\dots K_{i-2} \pmod p$

But when it comes down to boil into code I find hard time to understand what operations are actually executed

First of all does the $K_i^{n-1}$ is resulted in pseudocode as mentioned bellow?

value = participant.length-1
power(participant[i].K, participant.length-1)

Where power is raising into power participant[i] represents the ith participant and participant.length-1. Also should execute the execution above until until value it turned into 0 meaning:

 value = participant.length-1
  do {
     power(participant[index].K, value)
     index ++
     value --
  } while(value=0)

Also after that what other calulations are required I mean there also a $K_{i-2}$ how after that I will what loop do I need to execute should I just iterate through Calculated $K$ values for each participant and just multiply them from i to i-2 in reverse order?


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