Suppose a node in a proof-of-stake blockchain network wants to forge a blockchain. I'm wondering what should this node do to forge it? Assume this node has a certain amount/fraction of money (but no more than 50%) in the network.

It seems to me proof-of-stake blockchain is easier to forge because the node can simulate the whole processes (including leader selection in every round and consensus on the block) by itself. Unlike proof-of-work blockchain like bitcoin, any node who wants to forge a blockchain has to do mining and compute the nonce to solve the hash puzzle. Can anyone describe a complete procedure to forge a Proof-of-Stake blockchain?

  • $\begingroup$ Sure, but that would be an isolated chain all from the start. Getting others to accept that is not easy, given the rules of selection of the chain (longest, heaviest, etc). It would just be your own fork of the blockchain. $\endgroup$ – user2505282 Apr 28 at 11:06

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