I'm making a personal security tool in C++ and was curious how I would go about encrypting files in C++. If anyone has a method that would be great, and more specifically I was interested in 3DES encryption.

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3DES is an old and slow cipher. In 2019, it is probably a bad idea to build new applications based on this algorithm.

Choosing a cipher, is not the only thing that matter in cryptography. You need a mode of operation like CBC or GCM to specify how to combine encryption function on long messages. If you don't use AEAD modes, you probably need a MAC construction to protect ciphertexts from malleability.

Choosing all theses things in a secure way is difficult. That's why, your best option is to use a library that provide a secure API for encryption. Libsodium is a mature example of such library and the crypto_secretbox_* functions are probably what you need. They are based on XSalsa20+Poly1305 construction.

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