I am having difficulty finding information regarding using wildcard certificates with unique key pairs. I understand if you duplicate key pairs across multiple servers and one becomes compromised, an attacker could use the compromised key for nefarious purposes such as a MITM. I also understand should the key need to be revoked it could cause outages.

If the CA would let you mint certs with unique keys for each service separately and revoke them separately. Does this mitigate all the risks of wildcard certificates? If not what risks still remain?

If anyone has any references for these risks as well that would be greatly appreciated.

  • $\begingroup$ Revocation is a mess, short validity times plus frequent renewal is more reliable. It's also more effective to put one keypair in multiple HSM:s or equivalent security hardware to protect against exfiltration of the private key. $\endgroup$ – Natanael Aug 2 at 18:00

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