I want public key cryptosystem to used for re-encryption as describe in Can Paillier ,RSA or any other schemes be used for universal re-encryption like elGamal? Now i have little solution for Paillier cryptosystem, to choose key that is dependent on environmental variable. i,e IP-Address . The problem is how to map this environmental variable to generate two prime p and q, so that it can be regenerated in same way in decryption algorithm( Need decryption key to dependent on environmental variables).

Is there way to map arbitrary variable(environmental key) to map/ generate p and q?


If you can have a secret key and it's fine for the party holding this key to also know the factorization, then yes this is quite easy.

Use your key to apply a pseudorandom function to the data you want the key determined by. If necessary use a pseudorandom generator to stretch the output.

Then use that output as the random coins for any standard probabilistic algorithm for generating two prime numbers with the required properties.

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