I'm doing linear attack for 8 rounds DES. And I just wondering about the difference between matsui's notation and Biham's notation. In Matsui's paper, numbers bits from 0 to 63 from right to left. In contrast, Biham numbers bits from 1 to 64 form left to right(Because of this, P-permutation, S-box, E-permutation, IP, IPinv.. all of them are differed as well).

I encrypted this Plaintext through DES Cipher(16rounds), and I got the result. This code is done by Biham's notation. Plaintext : a57be5d89bedd673 Ciphertext : f6f43bfa4709a33b

My question is that If I use DES code made by matsui's notation(Sbox, P-permu, E.. all different), is the result same with above one?

I'm doing linear attack for 8 round DES, and I got stuck about notation..

That's way I ask this question. Thank you.

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    $\begingroup$ The result should be same, otherwise it will not be DES. you should always check yous implementation for correctness by the officially provided Test Vectors. $\endgroup$ – khan Sep 19 at 9:43
  • $\begingroup$ Ok Thank you! I'm gonna do it $\endgroup$ – PioneerBaek Sep 23 at 23:56

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