Good day,

I have gotten a task at work which has turned out to be a rather interesting nightmare because of the lack of Information on the topic.

My task is as follows: In order to ensure an asymmetric administration of the chip-card on the field. An authentication CVC-Certificate must be imported inside the card via "PSO Commands". The CVC Certificate must be signed by the CVC-Root Certification Authority and posses the OID defined for Card-Administration.

I have all the cryptographic material needed for the task except the CVC-Certificate. I have the definitions of how the CVC-Certificate should look and how the information needs to be coded. My problem is I have never worked with anything else than X.509-Certificates and the OpenSSL CLI because of this and my lack of experience on the subject the following questions rise...

  1. How do you create a CVC-PKCS#10?

  2. How can you sign it with the help of OPENSSL and the CVC-Root Certificate?

  3. How does one output a CVC-Certificate?

It is my first question in this kind of boards so if you see a mistake or need more Information on the matter let me know.

Thanks in advance for all your input.


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