In the paper for curve25519 is described how the prime was chosen. But I don't understand why the biggest 255-Bit prime was chosen instead of a 256 Bit prime. Can someone explain this to me?


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A pretty good answer to the question can be found here

I try to give a shorter and more precise answer: The Curve25519-standard uses a pretty specific modulo-algorithm. A pseudocode of the algorithm looks like this:

def fastModulo(num, prime):
    # Basecase:
    if num < prime: return num
    if num < 2*prime: return num-prime
    # Split number in upper and lower bits:
    upper = upperBits(num)
    lower = lowerBits(num)
    # calculation:
    factor = differenceToPowerOfTwo(prime)
    nextnum = factor * upper + lower
    # recursion:
    return fastModulo(nextnum, prime)

The algorithm is faster if factor is smaller. So the difference to a power of two is important for the speed of the standard. Therefore the biggest 255 Bit prime was chosen instead of the biggest 256 Bit prime, because a significant speed boost is more important than a non signficiant security boost.


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