I'm studying GPS, asymmetric identification scheme from the NESSIE project. I found a bunch of helpful information about it in the original submission, they even mention minimal implementation examples (in C/GPS-C.pdf of submission archive). But they only mention them and provide instructions on how to compile them, source files themselves aren't present in submission. I was wondering does someone know where I can find these files (or other implementations)? I tried googling, but it seems extremely a few documents are mentioning GPS, and none of them have any source code.

Sadly, I'm not good enough in math&cryptography to implement them myself. It's a lot easier for me to understand algorithm reading implementation code than papers. Examples in Python/JavaScript/Java/C(++) will be extremely helpful, but any other language will be fine too.

Also, I was wondering does it somehow related to Global Positioning System or it's just a coincidence?


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