I am successfully working on Shamir's secret sharing scheme for few months. But the only issue I am facing is the calculation of theoretical time complexity.

Since I am from algorithmic background, I am unaware of the time complexities of the cryptographic operations. Although I found a question that discuss about running times of cryptographic primitive operations, I cannot able to figure out the exact running time analysis for myself since it involves details that I am not sure about.

In my search on running time for Shamir's secret sharing scheme, I found a question discussing that: Running time of Shamir's secret sharing scheme.

But the answers provided are not providing much analysis in detail i.e., step-wise manner nor providing any reference that performs step by step analysis. I personally did not find any material over internet that calculates running time of the Shamir's secret sharing scheme like the analysis for insertion sort provided in page no: 4 of the lecture.

Henceforth, please provide me any reference material that performs running time analysis of Shamir's secret sharing scheme or please provide such analysis as an answer, if possible.



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