What's the required key usage/extended key usage for signing documents, eg.PDF, Word, PowerPoint, Excel, etc...

I am going to create a self-signed certificate that is needed to sign those documents. I wonder which key usage is required as there are many types that I can choose.

Note: I just need a self-signed certificate, not from trusted CAs.


You can use key usage as digitalSignature only to create a self-signed signing certificate for signing documents.

You can also use Microsoft proprietary Document Signing EKU: https://www.alvestrand.no/objectid/

Additionally, you can add the following:

  1. keyUsage

    • nonRepudiation (Good to have, since CA add this in document signing certificate)
  2. extendedKeyUsage/EnhancedKeyUsage:

    • (Microsoft Document Signing)
    • 1.2.840.113583.1.1.5 (Adobe Authentic Documents Trust)

For more information, you can refer below URL:



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