I found a scheme for white-box RSA. It seems to protect the input and output of modular operations.
I'm curious about how to analyze the security of this solution.
Does anybody know anything about it?


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That is a weird patent. The title says "RSA"; however the claims are strictly for elliptic curve operations (and while the description is more general, it is written at such a high level that it's hard at times to see what it's actually trying to say).

The ideas in the claims appear to be mostly blinding the ECC projective coordinates; this idea was published by Coron back in 1999.

In the end, the ideas behind the "white-box" parts of this idea appear to depend on:

  • You having a compiler that obfuscates the output, that is, "the method of obscuring software code is carried out by a compiler". That strikes me as a cheat - if you had a compiler that generated white-box-quality output, why do you need this idea?

  • An assumption that "none of the splitting secret multiplicative values and the secret splitting additive value are observable to an attacker"; that appears to be inconsistent with the assumptions of "white-box", where the attacker can observe everything.

Color me unimpressed (and it's hard to analyze the security, as it depends so crucially on the above two assumptions)


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