So I guess https://github.com/google/wycheproof "tests crypto libraries against known attacks". It appears to mainly be intended for Java crypto providers but can it easily be adapted to be used for other languages?

For non timing attacks you could probably just loop through the *.json files in the testvectors directory but it's not clear to me what some of the data in there means.

Consider ecdh_secp256r1.json. Each test has a shared attribute and a result attribute. There appear to be 3x shared attributes: valid, invalid and acceptable. From the names I'd guess valid means that the library should produce the same result as the shared attribute. For acceptable I guess it means that, per the specs, it could either error out or return the same result as the shared attribute. For invalid I assume it should error out. BUT if that's what invalid means then why is there any data in the shared attribute at all?


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