Started reading up on Cryptographic Accumulators recently to incorporate them in a project. Using this survey to understand what features the accumulator needs to offer it seems I am looking for a Dynamic Universal Strong Accumulator that only supports addition. This paper lists reference [23] as having the above characteristics in Table 1, but reading the paper it turns out those accumulators also support deletion. So far I have not come across something that meets the necessary criteria.

To summarise, is there a kind of cryptographic accumulator that is:

Universal, ergo can support both membership and non-membership witness

Strong, does not require a trusted third party

Dynamic, member set can change but only supports addition and NOT deletion of members

Thanks a lot for any help.

  • $\begingroup$ a Merkle tree with sorted leaves supports both membership (path from root to leaf) and non-membership proofs (two paths from two consecutive leaves), and it has no trusted party and supports addition. $\endgroup$
    – yacovm
    Nov 23 at 7:36

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