Time-lock encryption is a method to encrypt a message such that it can only be decrypted after a certain deadline has passed.

This sounds like time-lock decryption. I was wondering if the inverse with respect to time variable is possible, something like time-limited decryption? Of course if something is encrypted with some key, the key will never expire and will always be able to decrypt the message, e.g. there is no time restriction on this property $Pr[Dec_k(Enc_k(m)) = m] = 1$ which all ciphers have.

I know this functionality is supported by most well-known Instant Messengers today, but from my understanding they require either peer to peer or a trusted third party.

Now I'm questioning, are there any proposed schemes in bibliography that are not based either on P2P or TTP models?

Thanks, in advance, for your time.



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