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Does composing multiple substitution ciphers improve security?

Will using two substitution ciphers one after the another be more secure than using single substitution cipher?
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Is TrueCrypt's multiple/cascading encryption safe?

Is TrueCrypt use of cascading encryption safe? Is it useful? TrueCrypt is arguably one of the most popular and widely used encryption applications in use today, yet it seems to use a very ...
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Combining several symmetric ciphers using XOR

I have seen a talk by Rüdiger Weis, where he says that you can combine two symmetric ciphers using XOR. According to him, that has the effect that its sufficient if only one of the ciphers is secure. ...
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Hypothetical encryption technique, is it secure?

This to me, sounds like a great idea, but with all rosy-tinted ideas it needs some grounding in reality. Here are the steps of the hypothetical system (with the hypothetical part highlighted): User ...
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Why not combine hashing algorithms? [duplicate]

The recent SHA1 collision got me thinking.. why do we always throw out the baby with the bathwater when moving to more modern hashing algorithms? When GIT was written, they went with SHA1 hashes ...
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Are Two Ciphers Better Than One? i.e. RC4 and AES

OK It's cringe time (or hopefully not) I know this is probably a variation of an old and dragged out question or so you may think but let me ask away and hopefully get some insight. Google a while ...
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Is super encryption (aka “multiple encryption”) always good?

I'm trying to use super encryption (also known as “multiple encryption”) with AES in CFB mode with IV and password salting and AES in CTR mode both without padding. I first use AES CFB and then AES in ...
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How to store keys for a cascading encryption?

What is the best way to implement a cascade encryption? I'm trying to figure out how to cipher a string (or message) using Serpent-Twofish-AES and then store the keys. I'll provide an explanation, ...
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Encryption mode with chained algorithms

Suppose that I want to encrypt some data using two different algorithm chained (e.g. AES and Serpent) and harnessing the benefits of CBC. I can do: ...
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Is it worth using custom encoding on top of standard encryption?

I am using standard encryption AES/CBC. I wonder if I can invest some time adding my own custom encoding/decoding after the encryption just as an extra security layer. Does it really add any value ...
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