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Is it possible in LUKS1 to recreate a lost master key with the original password?

I accidentally overwrote a whole LUKS1 header without any backup. Since I still have the password with which the header was created - is there any way that this information helps me to reduce the ...
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What's the point and use of 512-bit-style elliptic curves?

There is a plethora of elliptic curves that are close to the 256-bit security level (i.e., fields and groups of approximately 512 bits). Examples are Curve448, P-521, Brainpool-P512. The standard ...
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Protection (nonce addition?) against key discovery in AES 256

I've got a situation where I need to send message ciphered with AES-256. However the content, and therefore length, of the message may be intercepted before (don't ask;)) and the question I was asked ...
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Questions about Blake2x: Its state size (internal state) and its security when generating keys with size more than 256/512bits

I read the Blake2x paper: It says Blake2x can be used to build a "DRBG" (CSPRNG): &...
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Why are NIST curves still used?

I'm relatively new to the world of crypto (But as far as the math goes, I am familiar with the inner workings. I used to rarely use it for privacy, but now I use it for many things). Anyway, I was ...
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80-bit vs 128-bit security in today's world

In today's world of applications, I see a lot of the time a 256-bit encryption key is used, but what about an 80 or 128? What makes 256 the one to use. Is a 80 or 128 easily decrypted? Are comp ...
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How long would it take all of the supercomputers or cloud computing on Earth to bruteforce a significantly long password?

I was arguing with a colleague who thinks that SHA256 (password + 64 character static salt) is "insecure." My argument is that nothing in cryptography is "secure," it's all a ...
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What's the preferable encryption for large data and files in terms of speed and security other than AES?

First of all, I'm relatively new to encryption so please bear with me. I'm looking for a way to encrypt large amounts of data only on my device, no need to transfer my encrypted files/data (10-20GB or ...
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Multi Factor Encryption?

I got an alert last night to the keywords above and was curious, so took a look at the tor site flagged which is the following one: http://nsrz5iogimqwgeax3clpp6hvfy6viom2woy7dghgxes4sqk63r7svoqd....
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In veracrypt when i generate a random keyfile, does the size of the keyfile mean anything?

thanks for looking at my question, i have been getting several different answers to this question so i thought i might ask it here, when i create a random generated keyfile in veracrypt, does the size ...
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Argon2id benchmarks

Recently I've decided to publish a simple app that I am using for maintaining and storing sensible encrypted data on the cloud. The hashing is done ...
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Suppose I capture encrypted data that I want to decrypt. Could I use a server farm to decrypt?

For argument's sake, let's say that I'm a bad actor who produces malware. I've infected around 10,000 computers and smartphones with my malware, which runs in the background and can be used to make ...
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Vulnerability of low value generated key

I have read here that Elgamal is resistant to brute-force attack, because the group to where the key is selected is very large. But since the key generation is random, (i assume)there is a chance that ...
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Maximum security strength in bits of ISAAC cipher?

Wikipedia claims key length can be very big in this cipher, so I assume it can offer a million bits of security provided entropy of key is the same? Of course I can SHA-256 hash the key to allow any ...
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Encryption using matrix transformations

I have been thinking lately about a block cipher which takes a block of bits and arranges them in a square matrix. Then defining transforms on submatrices of the square matrix to scramble the bits. ...
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