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Is a RSA 2048 bits public key secure [duplicate]

I realize servers such as Google, Yahoo, which use RSA has 2048 bits public key. After comparing those keys, I realize that the public keys share a common property, that is first 9 bytes and last 5 ...
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Minimum length of PKI key for signature [duplicate]

I am looking for data which shows how time it would take to brute force (or crack by any other method) different sizes of RSA/DSA keys used for a digital signature. I am looking to use as small a ...
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Now that quantum computers have been out for a while, has RSA been cracked?

D-wave systems has released a commercially viable quantum computer. This means in theory, that all asymmetric encryption algorithms — such as RSA — are now useless due to the speed at which quantum ...
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Security strength of RSA in relation with the modulus size

NIST SP 800-57 §5.6.1 p.62–64 specifies a correspondence between RSA modulus size $n$ and expected security strength $s$ in bits: ...
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How much computing resource is required to brute-force RSA?

It's been over 30 years since Rivest, Shamir and Adleman first publicly described their algorithm for public-key cryptography; and the intelligence community is thought to have known about it for ...
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Should I use RSA encryption since RSA is said to be broken by NSA?

I am developing a simple web app that uses asymmetric encryption, but I am not sure whether to chose RSA for the reasons mentioned above. What are your suggestions? Also if I decided to go with RSA ...
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Is 512-bit RSA still safe for signature generation?

The standard CSP on Windows XP only supports RSA up to 512-bit, which means that it's the maximum key size I can use for authenticity verification of updates. The public key is embedded in the updater,...
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How much stronger is RSA-2048 compared to RSA-1024?

How much stronger is RSA-2048 compared to RSA-1024? It is hard to imagine very big numbers. So what would be your way to explain the difference to someone who doesn't know much about cryptography?
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What is the history of recommended RSA key sizes?

One can find up to date recommended key sizes for RSA at NIST sp800-131A for example. In short, it suggests a key size of at least 2048 bits. Is it possible to find a history of recommended key sizes ...
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What is the largest bit RSA encryption to be cracked?

This article shows a 4096 bit key being cracked by using a microphone and listening to your computer's cpu. I do not know if this is true at all. I am doing a presentation on RSA Security and I ...
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Should RSA primes $p$ and $q$ differ in length by "a few digits"?

When generating RSA keys in the original RSA paper it is stated: to gain additional protection against sophisticated factoring algorithms, p and q should differ in length by a few digits Why is ...
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How exactly are public and private keys used to encrypt and the decrypt data?

In asymmetric encryption schemes, a public key is used by an outside source to encrypt data to be sent to the holder of the private key. It's my understanding that public keys are generated from the ...
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Are there any signature schemes for underpowered devices (8-bit microcontroller)?

I am currently researching into a small scale home automation system, aiming for cost. The system architecture is basically one master and several slaves which are connected in parallel. Recently i'...
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Could a fixed RSA encryption be used instead of a salt to prevent rainbow table attacks?

It's common to use a salt before hashing a password in order to prevent an attack by rainbow tables. Would it also work to encrypt the password for instance by RSA encryption - by a permanent RSA ...
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Does the signature length of RS256 depend on the size of the RSA key used for signing?

The following NodeJS code, when run (v16.8.0), logs 512 to stdout. ...
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