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What is the advantage of Encrypt-then-MAC over Encrypt & MAC separately the plaintext [duplicate]

For secrecy, authentication & integrity, you can either use CipherText = Encrypt(PlainText) Signature = Hash(PlainText) CipherText = Encrypt(PlainText) Signature = Hash(CipherText) Either ...
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Safely store data before moving to air-gapped machine

This is related to an earlier question, Is it possible to use an algorithm to generate an OTP? I have two machines: A, and B. A is connected to the internet and files are uploaded regularly. B is ...
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Which HMAC scheme more secure?

Which HMAC scheme is more secure? Or are they of the same level of security? Scheme One Compute a HMAC on the data to encrypt (cleartext/plaintext) Encrypt the data with AES_CTR_256, and append ...
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Does hashing an encrypted message suffer from any drawbacks?

I am working on this problem where the set up is like this: There are three hosts: A, B and C. A wants to send a message to C which passes through B. At A the message is hashed, the hash is padded to ...
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How can we know who sent a MAC-then-encrypt message?

I read about MAC-then-encrypt vs encrypt-then-MAC and I understood why MAC-then-encrypt is better but what if we have two parties that needs to know who signed the message before read it? Example: A ...
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Proper authenticated encryption

I am using AES-CBC, authenticating using HMAC-SHA512 and I was wondering whether my thought process and implementation are correct. The message send over the network is: HMAC(64Bytes),IV(16Bytes),...
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Simplification: Should we MAC-then-encrypt or encrypt-then-MAC?

I refer to Should we MAC-then-encrypt or encrypt-then-MAC?. There are 15 answers (today) with many words. It is difficult to tell which is the correct(?) answer. Also, the question excludes the ...
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Hash-Then-Encrypt or Encrypt-the-Hash?

My question is would it make any difference if I hash a block of data and then encrypt it using RSA is most secure to do the reverse? The question is about Site-To-Site transmission where the ...
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What is the difference between Symmetric authentication systems and Symmetric encryption systems? [closed]

I know Symmetric encryption systems. Can someone explain the difference
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bruteforce on aes 256 cbc mode [closed]

i have a series of encrypted text , they encrypted by aes 256 bit cbc mode for every encrypted text there is an iv that i have them also and i know its algorithm is aes 256 bit cbc mode i can ...
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How Mac-then-encrypt provide security in nonce-misuse setting?

From this, it is clear that Encrypt-then-Mac provides more complete security than Mac-then-Encrypt but some schemes use Mac-then-encrypt to provide nonce-misuse resistance such as SIV (AES-GCM-SIV, ...
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How secure is Encrypt-And-MAC?

From this popular Crypto.SE thread, the general feeling is that Encrypt-Then-MAC is the most secure. From the first answer, the poster says that Encrypt-And-MAC provides integrity of the plaintext. If ...
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authentication by keyed hash function

assume i have: One-key cipher: E. Hash: H My application is authentication. I have a shared secret key with Bob for the One-key cipher. So, when I send an message to Bob, I also send an authentication ...
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Why is MAC encrypted in TLS data transmission? [duplicate]

Referring the slide 16 from this link: I want to ask why is MAC encrypted along with the data to be transmitted. Why isn't MAC just appended at the end of encrypted data ?
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Encrypted vs unencrypted digital signatures [duplicate]

Is there a difference in terms of security between An encrypted stream of bits obtained by encrypting a plaintext concatenated with it's signature $ C = E_k(plaintext||\sigma)$ where $E$ is a ...
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