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Does a 128bit 3DES need billions of years to decrypt using brute force attack? [duplicate]

a) I did some research and there are two opinions.. some say it cracks in several years and others say it doesn't crack for billions of years USING BRUTE FORCE ATTACK...
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Is Triple DES still considered safe to use?

What it says on the tin. Is it still used in things like TLS?
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128 bit 3DES Key and AES Key: what's the difference?

Apologies if this is really basic but I couldn't find the answer to this. I have heard some Info Sec colleagues talking about creating an AES key in preference to a DES or 3DES key but I don't know ...
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Meet-in-the-Middle attack on 3DES [duplicate]

How can I apply the Meet-in-the-Middle attack to the 3DES algorithm, and why does the literature say that 3DES is more secure than DES?
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Secure use-cases of block cipher with 64-bit block size

In what cases can we use a weak block cipher like DES ? More precisely, Are there specific situation in which a weaken block cipher can still be used, for instance for certain types of plaintext ?
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Will X9.31 remain a secure & acceptable deterministic random generator beyond 2015?

I am actually looking for available crypto libraries including a deterministic random generator for the purpose of a dedicated crypto key generator unit. I have a simple question about the X9.31 based ...
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Would a "Triple AES" (in the sense of how Triple Des works) serve for a dramatic increase in safety?

The system requires to be as paranoid as possible regarding security. One of the few contemplated changes to the current design is to use multiple encryption. First proposal was to use Serpent on top ...
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Triple AES-128 encryption with 2 keys

We have a system where two devices communicate. Due to restrictions on one of them, we can only use AES-128 (so no AES-256) for encrypting the communication. However, new requirements on these kinds ...
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3DES security when K1=K3

I am mainly looking for security on 2-key $\operatorname{3DES}$ implementation where $K_1=K_3$. How hard or easy is it to crack $\operatorname{3DES}$ when $K_1=K_3$?
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2DES vs. two-key triple encryption, with no decryption step

So studying double encryption (double DES) and understanding why it is subject to a meet-in-the-middle attack, I tried to see if the same attack could be applied to a triple encryption with only two ...
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Triple DES with 2 keys

Suppose triple DES is performed by choosing two keys $K_1$ and $K_2$ and computing $C = T (T (T (L, K_1), K_2), K_2)$. How to attack this modified version with a meet-in-the-middle attack, in which ...
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Is there a metric (term) for work required to decrypt a public key?

Any public key decryption can be decrypted given enough time and computing power. Is there a metric or term for this? Something like it would require on average 2^43 1024 bit hashes to find private ...
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Using MITM to attack three keys 3-DES encryption?

I know that MITM can break three keys into two parts $(K_1,K_2)$ and $K_3$ where the worst time complexity is $2^{112}$. My questions is whether we are able to break three keys $(K_1,K_2,K_3)$ into ...
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Question on 3DES keys

The official NIST publication I saw says for federal applications 3DES with three keys should be used. I have such questions: what does it mean federal? Does it mean for industrial applications that ...
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Has a Two Key TDES encryption ever been successfully attacked?

Is there any known instance of a Two Key TDES ever being successfully attacked (in real life), when the key is used to encrypt less than $2^{20}$ words?
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