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Kerckhoffs’ principles – Why should I make my cipher public?

As I understand it, the less people know about the internals of my protocol or cipher, the more secure the protocol is. However Kerckhoffs's principle states that A cryptosystem should be secure ...
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How can an amateur introduce a cryptographic algorithm?

I have a new cipher, and I want to get it properly vetted, but I don't have a strong way to prove its security properties. I'm an amateur without ties to a strong cryptographer/university. I have ...
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How do I test my encryption? (absolute amateur)

I am a hobby programmer with a background in biology and have developed an encryption program based on DNA. I tried to make it hard to crack, but it's essentially a substitution cipher and uses the ...
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How do you test the security of your cipher?

I got asked this question and I didn't know what to answer. How do you test the security of your cipher? What comes to my mind now would be to test it with famous attacks: padding attacks, ...
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What's the best way to pad a message?

Currently my padding is adding a string of random characters $ l(N)/3 - (l(M) + 1) $ Long and just adding it to the messages, is this sufficient? $l(x)$ = length of a variable
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How secure is this logarithmic encryption algorithm?

How secure would the following logarithmic encryption algorithm be when tested under the same conditions as high end encryption algorithms (AES, RSA etc...). Note: For smaller text the text will be ...
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Should I use a self-designed Block Cipher Mode of Operation?

We all know we should NOT roll our self-designed encryption algorithm, how about block cipher mode with a certificated cipher method like AES? Will a self-designed block cipher mode cause any flaws or ...
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I homebrewed an algorithm. Is it secure?

This is a bit of a cross-posted question which I first asked at StackOverflow, however I was not satisfied with stackoverflow, so I came here for an in depth answer. I, as they say, "rolled my own ...
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What is the strength and attack vectors of this simple scheme?

Let's say that Alice wants to communicate some secret value $S$ to Bob through a public channel in a way that other people don't know what the value was. To do this, Alice publishes that secret value ...
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How to provide mathematical proof of the security of a stream cipher against known attacks?

Suppose a person has invented a stream cipher and he/she wants to get it published. I have a few questions: In addition to providing detailed description of the algorithm, how would he/she give ...
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How robust is my coded output?

I create codes and ciphers and as a hobby and I was wondering if there was any outfit that would 'test' your output to see how resilient it is. Is there a group anywhere that will accept code, try to ...
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