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How to calculate the entropy of passwords? [duplicate]

Here is a cartoon about password entropy. I dont quite understand how the entropy is calculated in the cartoon assuming they are calculate correctly. But in general, I dont have ...
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How can I benchmark password strength? [duplicate]

My idea was to balance password entropy and memorability. Is there some tool I can use to benchmark generated passwords? Would a state of the art password cracking tool measuring the time to crack a ...
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Is password-based AES encryption secure at all?

For a few years I have put all my passwords in a text file and encrypted that file with a password using a software solution (Axcrypt) which uses AES-128. The password is not really strong, but I ...
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How secure is a pronounceable password in terms of entropy?

There are some strong studies which support the use of pronounceable passwords and multiple tools which provide generation of such passwords. According to this question the entropy of a password ...
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How to calculate entropy of a random number?

I am having a set of random numbers and I want to calculate entropy of them. I searched many entropy calculation formula, but I didn't get it. Can you elaborate a little bit?
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Recommended password complexity for SSH key encryption using AES-256-CBC

When protecting SSH private keys with password-based encryption, what would be a good minimum password complexity+length standard to make cracking the password too difficult to be worthwhile anytime ...
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How long does it take to brute force a Wordpress password?

I'm not a cryptograhpy expert, I am a web developer trying to determine the origin of a Wordpress blog hack, and how likely it is that it was brute forced. The administrator account username had been ...
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Password Entropy in bits for passwords of a certain structure

I have read this post and this post about how best to calculate a pseudo accurate entropy in bits of a password. I can do this fine for passwords of a uniform nature, such as 8 letters of an a-z range ...
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Security implications of using a high entropy password with a low iteration count for a key derivation function

This question is related to my other question, but also this entropy calculation question as well as this article about PBKDF2. It may also be considered as a duplicate of this question, although in ...
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How long does the password be to have n-bits entropy?

It is said that a password has n-bits entropy if its entropy corresponds to the entropy of an n-bit number, the digits of which are independently drawn under uniform distribution. How long does a ...
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estimating entropy of password

How do I calculate the entropy of a password selected as described? Choose 4 distinct words randomly from a list of 2000 words. Words can contain special-character substitutions. For example, the ...
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What is the formula to calculate password entropy? [closed]

I saw in another thread: Is using 7-8 random words from all words of a language as password a good idea? These calculations: If we assume that English has 171,476 words. Then with 8 words the ...
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Is there a proof that guarantees strength of password?

Is there any proof that guarantees that a password with specified features (eg. with random special characters, combination of numbers & letters, some length etc) is secure? If there is such a ...
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