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Creating your own encryption and decryption algorithm

I'm very uneducated when it comes to cryptography. I have tried to find an answer to my question, but what I've read doesn't quite cover what I'm asking. I have thought up my own encryption algorithm ...
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Creating cryptographic algorithms at runtime

Would it be possible to create a program with which to create a cryptographic algorithm (i.e. encryption or hash) using well-known elements of other algorithms in the same way that algorithms "reuse" ...
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Mixing algorithms for password hashing good or bad?

So I've come across the following algorithm for hashing passwords ...
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Is RC4 secure with a single-use 32-byte random key prefix and 3072 prefix bytes discarded?

Are there any known attacks against RC4 if used with a single-use, random-generated 32-byte key, and 3072 random bytes prepended to the plaintext? Are there any reasons why we should consider such a ...
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Writing your own Encryption algorithm?

Simple answer (and I know this is a simple yes or no) is it possible to write an encryption that is 100% uncrackable, as long as I keep certain parts private? It's just for personal use. I'm a ...
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Rolling your own crypto

I know this is usually frowned upon, but supposing you were to roll your own encryption cipher (completely on your own or with a small group of friends, with no peer review possible), what could you ...
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If and why is it bad to scrypt a bcrypted password?

This has been already brought up on security SE, but very sadly, this particular interesting issue got watered down in a far broader question. If and why is it bad to use the following hashing ...
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What type of encryption is this homebrew "encyption algorithm"? ${}$

Background: Quite a long time ago (somewhere 1998) I thought I was really clever and invented my own encryption/decryption code. Looking through old code I rediscovered my old algorithm. (No, it was ...
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Would it be any good to create a new cryptographic hash function?

Would it be beneficial to create a cryptographic hash function for more security. A cryptographic hash function is pretty much a pseudorandom string generating algorithm and it can easily be made ...
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New Cryptographic Algorithm [closed]

I was wondering about an algorithm that would take a bitstring as an input, shuffle it and output it. You could use a deterministic RNG to select pairs of bits to swap, using the seed as some sort of ...
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