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Why Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) is impractical

In NSA's FAQ on Quantum Computing and Post-Quantum Cryptography, it is mentioned as Q: Should I use a QKD system to protect my NSS from a quantum computer? A: No. The technology involved is of ...
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How is the key shared in symmetric key cryptography?

Symmetric key cryptography is an encryption system in which the sender and receiver of a message share a single, common key that is used to encrypt and decrypt the message. Is the key public or it is ...
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Dice vs quantum random number generator

I recently championed quantum key distribution networks. This has led me to also question quantum random number generators. It appears that randomness is randomness, even if made by custom quantum ...
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Is quantum key distribution safe against MITM attacks too?

i read this recently: and some parts of this: ...
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Understanding Quantum Key Distribution

I have watched dozens of videos on YouTube talking about quantum cryptography and how the BB84 algorithm works. However, none of them bothered to explain how the quantum key exchange process works in ...
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Quantum Cryptography Used in a messaging application

Is it possible to create a messaging application and apply a quantum cryptography technique to encrypt the messages between two parties within the application?
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Can quantum computers break quantum cryptography?

I happened to learn that encryption by quantum cryptography would be impossible to break as it's state changes the instant of an eavesdropping event(by non-quantum systems) occurs. But I'm not sure if ...
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What are the current known weaknesses/attacks on quantum key distribution?

I am writing a paper on the implementation of QKD in the future. I want to know if there are any viable attacks on the BB84 protocol or QKD in general? I know of the Photon Number Splitting attack or ...
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What is Quantum Cryptography?

When it comes to exchanging secure information over an insecure channel, this approach is considered. It all depends on the nature of photons in which the third polarization is focused. It can easily ...
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Has anyone implemented the BB84 protocol?

Has anyone implemented the BB84 protocol and put it in production? The BB84 is a quantum key distribution scheme developed by Charles Bennett and Gilles Brassard in 1984. It is the first quantum ...
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challenges in quantum key distribution

Quantum key distribution (QKD) promises unconditional security in data communication and is currently being deployed in commercial applications. Nonetheless, before QKD can be widely adopted, it faces ...
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Post-Quantum cryptography usability in IoT devices

My question is very simple. Can I use Post-Quantum encryption/decryption algorithms in IoT devices such as RaspberryPi, Arduino etc, or should the hardware infrastructure obey in quantum logic?
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How exactly works the quantum communication done by China?

This video and this article announced that spacial quantum communication were finally done using satellites. As a recap, when two particles are entangled, if a measurement is done to one of them, ...
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Is this man in middle atack possible in quantum cryptography? [duplicate]

Lets consider there is channel between Alice and Bob, sequered with quantum cryptography. To put it simple, Alice is left, Bob is right and the quantum states are 'up' ~ U and 'down' ~ D. Alice ...
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Determination of the key rate of BBM92 Quantum Key Distribution (numerically)

I'm currently working on a Python Program which aim to return the secret key rate of a specific Quantum Key Distribution protocol (Brassard, Benett and Mermin 1992 i.e. BBM92). A colleague will ...
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