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Are cryptographic hash functions quantum secure?

I was reading a paper related to post quantum cryptography. It says that RSA, ECC and ElGamal encryption schemes would be obsolete with the advent of quantum computers. But the hash functions can ...
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Is SipHash cryptographically secure?

I'm evaluating different hash algorithms for use in my application. One of the kind of algorithms I am looking at are cryptographically secure ones to protect against DOS attacks. SipHash seems ...
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Will cryptanalysis always stay a relevant topic?

I hope this doesn't look like a silly question. In an age where our current cryptography is often impossible to crack when properly implemented and used, would we be able to decipher anything, for ...
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Collision resistance of hash function built on modular exponentiation

Consider the following hash function family for hashing integers: $Gen(1^k)$: generate 2 $k$-bit primes p,q. Let $n = pq$. Choose random $y \rightarrow QR_n$ and output $n,y$. $H_{(n,y)}(x) = y^x \...
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Is there are a metric based on collisions to compare bad hash functions?

Bad hash functions are not so perfect as in the "general collision probability" hypothesis... And a general concept of "collision resistence" not need the constraint of independence between the ...
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How is pre-image resistance defined, formally?

Earlier today, forest asked in our chat, The Side Channel whether the definition of first pre-image security actually requires that an input that evaluates to the challenge hash result must be known ...
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How resistant are stream ciphers like Salsa20 or ChaCha in a post-quantum world?

What kind of quantum computer would be required, if it is possible to break such ciphers?
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(strong) collision resistance Example

I'm studying Cryptography & Network Security. It has the following example for collision resistance: "Suppose Bob writes an IOU message, sends it to Alice, and she signs it. Bob finds two ...
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Find some hash function with deliberate collisions

I guess this should be well known (or trivially desperate), but I couldn't find any reference. I have a small number (say $k=15$) of messages $m_i$ ,$i=1\cdots k$ (they are fixed length and short, ...
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How to use cryptography to assure data integrity?

I only understand assurance of integrity using a hash function. How to use cryptograpy to assure data integrity?
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Does an information-theoretically secure hash function exist?

Does an information theoretically secure hash function exist? (By exist I mean is discovered/invented and implemented, not whether it could exist.)
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Can NORX be used as a general purpose hash function?

In general terms, NORX works combining a cryptographic hash function and an stream cipher. At the end of an encryption operation you end with a ciphered message plus its authenticated hash. If you ...
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Given a hash function; assuming domain % codomain = 0 and uniform collision distribution; how is entropy lost by collisions (not output truncation)?

Assuming our domain and codomain both have 4 elements, the uniform distribution of inputs to outputs means the function is injective. It is widely agreed that randomly selecting a domain element ...
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Are hashes only used to confirm data integrity when used for distributed ledgers?

I have a couple questions related to hashing and data. Please let me know if the questions I have are too broad for this site, or if clarification is needed. I have read a lot about hashing as it ...
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