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Time-based Crypto [duplicate]

I'm wondering if there is any way to make crypto based on time, where the concept of time is linear in one-direction. Even a theoretical brainstorm. Example 1: A message which can only be opened/...
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How to encrypt a message such that it cannot be decrypted before a certain time? [duplicate]

Suppose you have a message $m$ and you want to design a protocol that produces an encrypted message $c$ such that it cannot be decrypted before a certain time $t$ has passed from the encryption. How ...
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Allow decryption key to be known only after a certain time [duplicate]

We have a smart contract containing encrypted data that should remain encrypted till a specified timeLimit. Then, the decryption key would be made public, for everyone to read that data. We want to ...
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Publishing a message with a computationally enforced delay [duplicate]

I'm looking for a way to publish a message, so that it will only be publicly known after some time (let's say a few minutes). Even I shouldn't have the power to prove what my message was, before this ...
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Is it possible to make time-locked encrytion algorithm?

I'm not sure if what I'm asking is even a valid question but here goes. Would it be possible to add a mechanism to an encryption algorithm that would mean it had to be a certain time of the day or a ...
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Can I encrypt user input in a way I can't decrypt it for a certain period of time?

I run a baseball league and would like to do silent auctions for free agents. This would require teams to enter their highest bid and the highest bidder at the end of the auction period would win. ...
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How to require two keyholders to decrypt a document?

I want to create a system to encrypt a document and store it with a 3rd party, but not have the 3rd party be able to decrypt it until some unspecified later date. It seems like the solution would be ...
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Is there an algorithm or hardware that can sign/verify natural time?

PGP/GPG can used to sign text, others use public key to verify them. So one could say, that these cryptographic algorithms deal with space. Are there any algorithms that can deal with time? E.g. I ...
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Dead-Man's Switch Cryptography?

I was looking at Time Capsule cryptography? and came up wth this idea. Question: Is there a way to store a secret such that the creator must update it or the secret will be decrypted and anyone can ...
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Ways to make a "doomsday" cryptocurrency which becomes untradable

As a social experiment (not a money-making scheme), I'm interested in developing a crazy cryptocurrency which, by its very design, will become worthless and untradable after a certain point. Ideally, ...
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Timelock puzzle improvment

I came across this question with this answer about a cryptographic timelock-puzzle that needs approximately 30 years to be solved. There is also an explanation with source code for that puzzle ...
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Time-locked Puzzles & Dead Man's Switch Intervention

I have been researching time-based puzzles. Specifically, computationally expensive algorithms for the purpose of a time-lock. This has lead me to sequential squaring, firstly, as well as some memory-...
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Possible to generate a one time secret which all nodes on the distributed network can know but cannot pre compute

I have a distributed P2P network. Everyday, I want each node to have a secret which is only valid for that day, while each of the other remaining nodes on the network will be able to calculate the ...
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Create a time capsule using a Word processor

I was wondering if there's any option to create sort of a time capsule in a Word document, i.e. not encrypted by password rather than a date. Let's say I send the document today but the receiving side ...
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Ensuring that an operation takes a relatively specific amount of time, but easily verify the result

I want an algorithm of some sort that can ensure that an operation takes a fairly specific amount of time, but proof that this operation was done can be completed relatively inexpensively. For ...
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