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Difference and relation between ed25519, x25519 and XEd25519 [duplicate]

In my Rust implementation of a messaging system, I'm using currently two cryptographic primitives: ed25519_dalek and x25519_dalek. I use ed25519_dalek for DSA, while x25519_dalek for encryption of the ...
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Why Curve25519 for encryption but Ed25519 for signatures?

NaCl and libsodium libraries use Curve25519 for authenticated encryption (actually for sharing a key which is used for encryption) and Ed25519 for signatures. What is the purpose of using different ...
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Difference between X25519 vs. Ed25519

I am reading and it states Also in 2018, RFC 8446 was published as the new Transport Layer Security v1.3 standard. It requires mandatory support for X25519, ...
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Can curve25519 keys be used with ed25519 keys?

Can curve25519 keys be used with ed25519? I'd prefer to use ed25519, but there isn't a fast java version. For my application, I'd like to use curve25519 until I can get a faster ed25519 for java. ...
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What the X stands for in the front of Elliptic curve names like X25519

I have seen Curve25519 and X25519, Curve448 and X448. I've seen a small note in this answer (Historical note: Originally, X25519 was called Curve25519, but now Curve25519 just means the elliptic ...
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Converting Ed25519 public key to a Curve25519 public key

I understand that: $$x_{montgomery} = \frac{1 + y_{edwards}}{1 - y_{edwards}}$$ Using the libsodium ed25519 implementation, I have tried to write the following: ...
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How to derive the curve Ed25519 from Curve25519?

According to the paper "Faster addition and doubling on elliptic curves" by Bernstein and Lange, the Montgomery curve (Curve25519) $$v^{2}=u^{3}+486662\cdot u^{2}+u$$ is birationally equivalent to the ...
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Curve448 - Can Ed448 key material be reused for X448?

Currently I am facing a situation in which Ed448 key pairs (private + public key) are available and the system should be extended by a Diffie-Hellman (ECDH) operation. First of let me summarize what I ...
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Ed25519 to X25519 transportation

Using montgomeryX = (edwardsY + 1)*inverse(1 - edwardsY) mod p it is possible to transport an Edwards curve point (Ed25519 ...
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Does any $x < p$ satisfy the curve equation of X25519?

I've been reading about the famous X25519, a montgomery curve from wikipedia and in that article they say that we do not have to check for point validity. Is it because that any $x < p$ satisfy ...
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How do I convert an ed25519 scalar into x25519 for encryption?

In a system I'm working with, we're using Schnorr signatures with scalars generated with libsodium's crypto_core_ed25519_scalar_random. My goal is to use the ...
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What curves can be used with what algorithms?

I've been trying to improve my understanding of elliptic-curve cryptography; I'm currently trying to understand the extent to which curves are interchangeable. Examples of curves: P-256, Curve25519 ...
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