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Using multiple secret keys

I have two secret keys. One is a secret key generated by OpenSSL (primary secret key). Second key is generated by performing one way hash operation to GPS co ordinates and time parameters (geo secret ...
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Linkable ring signature scheme

I need an implementation of linkable ring signature, a ring signature which allows identifying whether two signatures belong to the same signer. It has important privacy-related applications, like e-...
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What is a fair exchange scheme?

The Wikipedia entry Fair exchange has only two lines, and the only paper I can find describing such a protocol is extremely complicated. Is this a new field in cryptology or can someone give an ...
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Is there a way to do fair exchange between two parties who don't trust each other?

Let's suppose we have an Alice who knows a secret key A, and Bob who knows key B. Using their own keys, they each encrypt a message (Alice encrypts $m_A$, Bob encrypts $m_B$) with their own key, and ...
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Weak key schedule IDEA [closed]

Why was such a weak key schedule chosen for IDEA? The key schedule of IDEA works like this: Divide the key (128 bit) into 8 round keys, each 16 bit long. This are the first 8 "round" keys (6 keys per ...
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Elliptic Curve based blind signature implementation [closed]

I want to use Elliptic Curve based blind signature scheme for my research. There is no proper implementation of ECC-based blind signatures. Can someone describe to me which things I need to follow ...
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Known vulnerabilities in (EC-)KCDSA

Does anybody know if there's known vulnerabilities in KCDSA/EC-KCDSA? I have been researching for the past few hours and I haven't found anything. Wikipedia has very limited amount of information and ...
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The improvement of the private key exponent in the M.Weiner Attack

I am working on attacks on RSA and came across the M. Weiner attack. The limit for $d$ in order for the attack to apply is $d <= (\frac{1}{3})N^{0.25}$. The paper states that Boneh and Durfee ...
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Formal security-definition reference

Is there a reference where all common formal security-definitions are summarized (such as OW-CPA, IND-CPA, IND-CCA1, IND-CCA2, EUF-CMA and so on)? I need a PUBLISHED reference (paper, book) which ...
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How has the "power" of cryptography evolved from its beginnings till today? [closed]

I'm looking for a historical overview for the change in cryptographic power, which I hereby define as How far state-of-the-art cryptography is ahead of state-of-the-art cryptanalysis. In other ...
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