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How bad it is using the same IV twice with AES/GCM?

I understand that initialization vectors (IV) should not be used twice when using AES/GCM. I am using a counter as an initialization vector. Every time I send out a new packet (I am developing an UDP ...
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Does GCM (or GHASH) only provide 64-bit security against forgeries?

In a recent comment a doubt was voiced about my answer, which claims GCM to requires $2^{128}$ for a successful forgery. The doubt was that the square root needs to be taken meaning the security would ...
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AES-GCM recommended IV size: Why 12 bytes?

When using AES-GCM, a 96-bit IV is generally recommended. Most implementations I've seen also use 96-bit. However, I'm unsure on where this recommendation or convention comes from. Let's assume a ...
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What is a good AES mode to use on file encryption?

I'm new to encryption and cryptography, I was wondering if there is a good or best suited AES mode for file encryption (Planning on zipping a folder and encrypt it as a file). If there is, how complex ...

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