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What is the correct test/s to do in asymmetric algorithms to test their security?

I would do some test for evaluating security in asymmetric algorithms such as RSA and ElGamal to evaluate which of both are safer. The basic problem is that I need to test the security of some ...
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Is flipping the bit belonging to encryption?

Just a simple question about encryption. If we have an image, we transform into a bits and we get 1001001... Then, I flip the bits into 0110110... manually. Can I said that I have done an image ...
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Key vs Algorithm when applied to Enigma

I've just been reading the Why should I make my cipher public? question and answers on this site. I understand Kerckhoffs's principle, but I'm unsure exactly how this applies to Enigma - i.e. where ...
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Is my high school cryptography/steganography science fair project practical?

I'm a 12th grade student interested in a science project in cryptography and steganography for my school's science fair. I chose this path of computer science partly because my coding skills are weak (...
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Is it possible to attack an SHA-256 hash seeded with PHP’s mt_rand function?

Is it possible to attack this construction if the attacker only knows the hash? ...
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Ignorant Biologist in need of AES-128 CBC PKCS5 encryption key

I'm a biologist frantically trying to understand the world of cryptography overnight for research- please ignore my ignorance. I was given a large body of text to crack that is encrypted with AES-128 ...
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