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Questions tagged [access-control]

Access-control is a possible goal of cryptography, where the idea is to restrict access to documents, equipment, locations, or keys to individuals who are authorized such access.

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How exactly does ASKE (Alpha Secure Key Establishment) in Zigbee work?

I am working on Zigbee security. For key establishment, some approaches are given in Zigbee. Some of them are: ASKE (Alpha Secure Key Establishment), ASAC (Alpha Secure Access Control), and SKKE (...
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Decrypting partial message.

I'm wondering whether such interesting symmetric-key encryption exists or not (from theoretical perspective): We encrypt a vector of messages $(m_1,m_2,\cdots,m_\ell)$ using the symmetric key $K$ to ...
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Role-based access control security

How secure is role-based access control (RBAC). What kind of security does it incorporate to make sure no data is leaked and protected, especially from the admins responsible for assigning roles to ...
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Hash function notations and their corresponding existing cryptographic hash algorithm

I am implementing Role-based access control by referencing the paper Enforcing Role-Based Access Control for Secure Data Storage in the Cloud. In page 6, they have mentioned to choose hash functions $...
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Attribute based access control and role based, online bookstore example

I am asked to answer a question that says: One online book-store wants to grand access to clients regarding their subscription. There are 3 types of subscriptions A , B and C. Customers get access in ...
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Authenticate with roles without a server

Introduction part I'm writing an application that requires authentication to be used, specifically the database and config file can only be read an authenticated user. However this authentication is ...
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Is there a protocol for granting access rights to publicly stored encrypted data?

Alice is a data provider and Bob and Charlie are consumers. Alice has a set of data assets $A_*$. Alice wants to share some of her assets with Bob, some with Charlie (they are not necessarily mutually ...
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