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An alternating step generator is a cryptographic pseudorandom number generator intended to be used in a stream cipher.

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What does "Clocked" mean in alternating step generators

In the wiki article, it says "An ASG comprises three linear-feedback shift registers, which we will call LFSR0, LFSR1, and LFSR2 for convenience. The output of one of the registers decides which of ...
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Do trinomials weaken the Alternating Step Generator?

The Alternating Step Generator was proposed by Christoph G. Günther: Alternating step generators controlled by de Bruijn sequences, in proceedings of Eurocrypt 1987. It's perhaps the conceptually ...
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Synchronous Stream Cipher Problem

Hello I am facing a problem trying to solve this question in the picture. Does anyone know how to produce the mentioned 32-bits of the key stream? The plaintext in this case is ...
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Convert m-Sequence into a de Bruijn Sequence

In his paper Alternating Step Generator Controlled by de Bruijn Sequence, C.G. Günther states on page three that a de Bruijn sequence (..) can easily be obtained from an m-sequence (maximal length ...
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Proof that Alternating Step Generator and modifed ASG' have equivalent security?

The Alternating Step Generator (ASG) is a PRNG combining 3 LFSRs. Output of the ASG is the XOR of the output of two clock-gated LFSRs. At each step, a single one of these LFSRs is clocked, according ...
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Why isn't the alternating step generator used more often?

According to the Wikipedia entry for the Alternating Step pseudorandom number generator, there is no public cryptanalysis for this device since it was invented back in 1987 by C.G. Gunther. I have ...
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