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The avalanche effect is evident if, when an input is changed slightly (for example, flipping a single bit) the output changes significantly (e.g., half the output bits flip).

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All-or-nothing transform that doesn't increase message size?

All of the AON transforms I've read about involve generating a key, which increases the message by a few bytes. Is there an AON transform that preserves the message size while still having avalanche ...
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How often group of queried nodes are changed in snowball/avalanche consensus algorithm?

I think I understand snowball consensus algorithm with exception of 1 think. Node polls 5-10 random nodes N times and choose color. Is it querying always same list of nodes? Or it is changed after ...
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How to find the 6 main properties of cryptographic hash functions when implementing a hash function?

According to this there are at least 6 "properties" all cryptographically secure hash functions strive to attain: Deterministic: the same message always results in the same hash; Quick: it ...
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how to compute Bit Independent Criteria on a 4-bit S-box?

The idea of Bit Independence Criterion (BIC ) was introduced by Webster and Tavares . For a given set of avalanche vectors generated by complementing a single plaintext bit, all avalanche variables ...
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How to calculate the avalanche effect in aes-256?

I am a beginner in cryptography. I'm testing AES-128 bit key, AES-256 bit key, and Camellia-256 bit key. I'm using AES-256, 9 character salt, CBC mode, PKCS #5 padding, and the ciphertext using ...
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Is there any relationship between avalanche and permutation in block ciphers?

Avalanche is one of the characteristics of S-Box or SP network(S and P boxes are used together).Is it possible for the permutation module, when tested alone, to show avalanche effect.? reference SP ...
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