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A biclique attack is a variant of the meet-in-the-middle (MITM) method of cryptanalysis.

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Can you explain what the AES paper means by "sharing active S-boxes"?

I am reading the "Biclique cryptanalysis of the full AES" paper. What do they mean by "sharing active S-boxes"? How can this concept can be advantageous to make a bicycle? If there is someone who ...
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How was the complexity of the Biclique Attack calculated?

The abstract of the Biclique Attack paper claims: The first key recovery attack on the full AES-128 with computational complexity $2^{126.1}$. What does $2^{126.1}$ mean in this context? And where ...
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Does the Biclique attack on AES pose a credible risk to its security?

I have heard a lot about the biclique cryptanalysis research on AES, which as far as I know is the closest anyone has got to breaking AES. Exactly how close did they get? Does this attack propose a ...
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