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BIP32, or Hierarchical Deterministic Wallets. HD wallets are wallets that can be shared amongst different wallet implementation with or without the ability to spend coins.

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Does PBKDF2 HMAC 512 really only produce a maximum of ~128 bits of entropy? Regardless of input?

Andreas Antonopoulos effectively states: an input of 256bits of entropy into PBKDF2-HMAC-SHA512 will ONLY output a 64 byte hash containing ~128 bits of entropy. He states the algorithm essentially ...
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Standard tools for deterministic RSA key generation using seed?

I'd like to resuse the mnemonic I have from bip39 for crypto in other domains such as ssh and tls, etc. Are there standard tools (ie, openssl) to deterministically generate rsa key/pairs given a seed ...
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Is there a relationship between the secp256k1 public key of the sum of two private keys, and the public keys of those original two private keys?

If I have two secp256k1 private keys and add them together, can I derive the public key for the sum, if I only know the public keys for the two original private keys? (I think this may be the core of ...
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is it safe to do public key to public key derivation with Ed25519?

Deriving a public key from a public key in Ed25519 is possible, some algorithms are available. My question is why there are so few implementations compared to secp256k1 for example. The extra checks ...
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What is the maths behind Bitcoin's BIP32?

I've read about BIP32 key derivation functions. I'm trying to understand how, given a secp256k1 key pair, that "child" public keys may be generated from just the public key, and the ...
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Ed25519 and hierarchical deterministic wallet

I'm building a solution based on the stellar codebase and using the Ed25519 curve for the signatures. One of the features I've been adding to the system is a support for hierarchical deterministic ...
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Can keys from Bitcoin's Hierarchical Deterministic Wallets be correlated (reducing privacy)?

I'm trying to understand if the feature "Hierarchical Deterministic Wallets" in Bitcoin allows for complete privacy of all derived keys, and if any of those keys can be associated with each other ...
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